Pittsburgh Summer Fest Blog Series 5.0: The Beaver County Book Fest!

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Its that Time of year again. The 2nd Annual Beaver County Bookfest will be held at Irvine Park this Saturday, September 10th.

I will be there again with a less flamboyant display (no top hat) for one of the last area festivals of the summer.

Pittsburgh Summer fest Blog Series4.1: Horror Realm Flea Market & Craft Show

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frankglassesmask effect

This was my first visit to a Horror Realm craft show and Flea market in Pittsburgh and it was a blast! I came away lighter in the wallet but it was worth it for sure. I bought a new mask too!

Where else can you find finger soap made like real fingers?


finger soap

A shout out to Howard’s Home and Mz. Jones Curiosities which had some of the coolest stuff available at the show.

 It was a small venue but well worth it and there was a line waiting to beat down the door before they opened. Thanks also to all those who dressed up for the event or simply came as they were. Whichever, I’m not judging.


clown mallot

Pittsburgh Summer fest Blog Series 4.0 Horror Fan Craft Fair & Flea Market!

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Look for posts coming this weekend on this cool, local event. Anyone coming from out-of-town I extend pity to you if you are trying to navigate The South Hills for the first time.  That would be horrific in  itself!

See ya there!


National ​Addiction Intervention Provider U Recover Launches Responsive Site

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New National Intervention service is making headlines. See Link below!



Pittsburgh Summer fest Blog Series 3.1: Pickle Fest

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The 2016 Pittsburgh Pickle Feast (Picklesburgh) has come and went. If you were not born and raised in Pittsburgh, you would probably be confused as to why this is such a big dill. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!)


The Heinz Company which also makes that red stuff you put on French fries came into being during a Worlds Fair way back in black-and-white days by not only selling food accessories but giving away pickle pins. Today, we in “The Burgh” celebrate those historic times by shutting down The Rachel Caron Bridge (We like shutting down major road arteries on weekends and messing with people from out of town) and finding out very inventive ways to cook, deep fry, bake and broil pickles.


I am creating quite a collection of tote bags as I move from one outdoor festival to the next and making new friends as well!

Pittsburgh Summer fest Blog Series 3.0: Pickle Fest!

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If you are in “The Burgh” this weekend keep your eyes towards the Rachel Carson Bridge and the giant floating pickle!  I will be there trying out my best pickle one-liners.

Pittsburgh Summer Festival Blog series 2.1 Supernatural Convention

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Ok, so I was bummed out on this one. The Supernatural convention based off the long running TV show of the same name was over priced and underwhelming.


A small group of vendors  smooshed into the outer lobby of the convention center selling Sam & Dean stuff and other Characters. The rest of the convention was pay-per events in the main ball room and photo and autograph  sessions.

Thank God for the Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade which was going on at the same time. It was free and more entertaining.

Ok, so I’m a cheap skate and I readily admit it!  Proud, actually. If there was a cheap skate coat of arms or flag I’d be waving the bitch!

I don’t mind paying for entertainment but the Supernatural Convention was  a let down. I only just started watching the show and I would not fall into the category of fan boy but sheesh,  it was still skimpy production  from Creation Entertainment.

And, of course no Sam or Dean on the day we went. Ho hum.

Next fest: Picklesburgh or what is better known as Pittsburgh Picklefest: celebrating all things pickles!